Ultimate Performance
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Numbers & Counting

1: Ha-na
2: Tul
3: Set
4: Net
5: Da-sot
6: Yo-sot
7: Il-gop
8: Yeo-dul
9: A-hop
10: Yeol


Attention: Char-yot
Bow: Kyong-nae
Ready: Choom-bi
Begin: Shi-jak
Stop: Goman
Relax/At Ease: Shiuh
Class Dismissed: E-sahn


Stance: Sohgi
Front Stance: Ahp Sohgi
Back Stance: Dwitkubi Sohgi
Walking Stance: Kuht Neun Sohgi
Horseback Riding Stance: Juchum Sohgi (or Mai Sohgi)
Crane Stance: Hakdari Sohgi
Ready Stance: Choom Bi Sohgi


Kick: Chagi
Front Kick: Ap Chagi
Side Kick: Yop Chagi
Roundhouse Kick: Dolgo Chagi
Back Kick: Dwi Chagi
Axe Kick: Nehryuh Chagi
Hook Kick: Yup Hu Chagi
Twisting Kick: Bituro Chagi
Turning Kick: Dollyo Chagi


Punch: Chirugi
Front Punch: Ap Chirugi
Reverse Punch: Bahn Dae Chirugi
Fist: Jung Kwon
Thrust: Tulgi
Strike: Taerig


Block: Mahki
Rising Block: Ollyo Mahki
Down Block: Ahrae Mahki
Inner Forearm Block: An Palmok Mahki
Outer Forearm Block: Pakkat Palmok Mahki
Scissors Block: Gawi Mahki
Diamond-Shaped Block: Keumgang


Rank: Kagup
Grade (Belt Colour): Gup
Degree (Senior Black Belts): Dan
Degree (Junior Black Belts): Poom
Chief Instructor: Chung Sah Nim
Master: Kwan Jang Nim
Instructor: Sabum Nim
Assistant Instructor: Jo Kyo Nim
Senior Student: Sun Bae Nim
Student: Yoo Kup Jar
Black Belt Holder: Yoo Dan Ja
Student: Hak Saeng

Equipment & Uniform

Uniform: Dobok
Belt: Dhee
Chest Protector: Hogoo


Training Area: Dojang
Yell: Ki-yup
Yes: Ye
No: Anio
Flag: Cook Ki
Forms: Poomse/Hyung
Thank You: Kahm Sa Hamnida
How are you?: Ahnyong Hasimnika
Welcome: Eoseo Osayo
I'm Sorry: Choesong Hamnida
Excuse Me: Shillye Hamnida
Faith in Certain Victory: Pilsung

Litte Dragon 1 Kick

Tae Kwon Do

In Korean, ‘tae’ means "to strike or break with foot"; ‘kwon’ means “to strike or break with fist"; and ‘do’ means "way", "method", or "art". Therefore, taekwondo may be loosely translated as "the art of striking with the foot and fist".

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